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The 7 Best Gas Pressure Washers for 2022 – (Best Reviews & Guide)

Before you make your purchase decide what kind of power washer you want, our articles will help you to get your desired best gas pressure washer.

A pressure washer is a device that helps you in your cleaning of different surfaces using water pressure. The machines are designed into take power in two different forms to run the engine. One of them is electricity, and the other is gasoline. The gasoline-powered engines also take two different forms of gasoline that are petrol and diesel. Diesel-powered engines generate more power though they are more expensive and are noisier.

To buy a pressure washer is a tiresome job. And it is even more tiring to find the best pressure washer among many options in the market. There are many websites who give you reviews on different machines.

Most of them have inadequate information and cannot provide the point you want to know or should know. There are only a few useful websites who understand the buyers’ questions and try to answer them and give the suggestion. They try to help you out when you are in confusion about buying a power washer.

In our website, we tried to provide you organized information set to help you find the best power washer. Here, we discussed the important facts and queries that are necessary to know before you buy a pressure washer.

The information is organized, and if you read the full article, you will be able to make the right choice in buying. The full article is designed in such a way so that it helps to start from the beginners to the experts. We provided a shortlist of top 7 gas pressure washers that you can choose without any hesitation.

What are the Best Gas Pressure Washers?

“Heavy-duty cleaning with PowerBoost technology, Durable and Excellent Performance; Dependable Warranties, Impressive for Commercial use.”

“Equipped with a HONDA GC190 engine, Reliable OEM axial pump; Lightweight and Easy to maneuver, Flexible and Easy to Use with 5 stainless steel Quick-connect nozzles.”.

“Compact lightweight design, Great for DIY cleaning outdoor and home exterior; OEM Technologies axial cam pump, Easy maneuverability; Kink & Abrasion resistant hose.”

“Applying Detergent with the onboard soap tank, Durable for residential use; Better maneuverability, Rust resistance metal for longevity.”

“50% Faster cleaning with power broom, 3x farther then a standard nozzle with Soap Blaster; Ideal for cleaning hard surfaces like brick and concrete, removing paints.”

“Easy Start technology, Soap Tank for comfortable soap application; Maintenance free axial cam pump, Medium-duty use for DIY homeowners.”

“Easy-to-pull spray trigger with minimal effort, Generac OHV horizontal-shaft engine for better performance; Perfect for cement, brick, house, cars, and patios, Maneuverability is easy.”

Top 7 Gas Pressure Washers Comparison:


  • Model: PS3228
  • PSI: 3300
  • GPM: 2.5 Gallons
  • Weight: 83.2 Pounds
  • Dimension: 34 x 21 x 24 inches
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Simpson Cleaning MSH3125 MegaShotSIMPSON MSH3125-S

  • Model: MSH3125
  • PSI: 3200
  • GPM: 2.5 Gallons
  • Weight: 65 Pounds
  • Dimension: 26 x 18 x 35 inches
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SIMPSON Cleaning MS60763-SSimpson MS60763-S

  • Model: MS60763-S
  • PSI: 3100
  • GPM: 2.4 Gallons
  • Weight: 63 Pounds
  • Dimension: 34 x 20.5 x 24 inches
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WEN PW3100WEN PW31, 208 cc

  • Model: PW31
  • PSI: 3100
  • GPM: 2.5 Gallons
  • Weight: 74.8 Pounds
  • Dimension: 21 x 21 x 40 inches
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Generac 7122 SpeedWashGenerac SpeedWash 7122

  • Model: 7122
  • PSI: 3200
  • GPM: 2.7 Gallons
  • Weight: 62 Pounds
  • Dimension: 24.2 x 18.9 x 35.5 inches
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PowerBoss 3100 MAXPowerBoss 3100 MAX

  • Model: 020777
  • PSI: 3100
  • GPM: 2.4 Gallons
  • Weight: 62 Pounds
  • Dimension: 24 x 22.5 x 20.5 inches
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Generac 6922Generac 6922

  • Model: 6922
  • PSI: 2800
  • GPM: 2.4 Gallons
  • Weight: 57 Pounds
  • Dimension: 24.4 x 18.8 x 35.4 inches
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What is Gas Pressure Washer

A gas pressure washer is a power washer that takes its power from gasoline to run the engine. This is different from an electric pressure washer on many accounts. A gas pressure washer is considerably powerful than an electric pressure washer. These kinds of power washers are perfect for cleaning the heavy-duty filth. If your house is large and there are much harsh filth or dirt to clean, then this is the best tool for you.

The PSI (Pounds per Square Inch) is generally higher in gas run pressure washers. There are some bad sides also of a gas power washer. So before you buy, you must know all its features and see if they are beneficial for you. In this kind of pressure washer, you have to put petrol or diesel in the tank and run the machine.

Best Gas Pressure Washer Reviews [Updated List 2022]

As we mentioned that there are many companies who make gas run pressure washer and all of them are not good. A good manufacturer must have a good reputation and a good history of making pressure washer. We are not saying that the new companies cannot make good quality pressure washers, but very few of them made one. We have a team of experts who did extensive research in pressure washers. According to their research results, the list of the top 7 gas pressure washers is given below:

1. Simpson Cleaning PS3228 Powershot Gas Pressure Washer

SIMPSON PS3228-S 3200 PSI 2.8 GPM Gas Pressure Washer

This is one of the excellent power washers that provide immense water pressure. For removing your paint or heavy-duty cleaning, this power washer will work wonderfully. You don’t have to worry about its strength and durability. We all know that Honda engine is one of the best engine makers in the world. The size and weight are pretty convenient to carry here and there, and it works just fine.


  • The engine gives an outstanding performance with incredible power to provide 3300 PSI water pressure.
  • 5 GPM water flow is a lot for a residential power washer that this machine serves.
  • The manufacturer used the latest PowerBoost technology in the device.
  • The device provides five different nozzles that you can easily connect to the spray gun.
  • The Company is giving a different warranty for its different components, starting from 3 years to 10 years.


  • Some of the users said that the valve sometimes fails or doesn’t work correctly.
  • You might get a smell of gas after you purchase. It happens because the manufacturer checks before sending it to the market.

The 3300 PSI water pressure falls under the commercial power washer class. The device is pretty durable, and it gives an excellent performance for many years. If you invest your money in this machine, you don’t have to regret later as we believe. Its different warranties defend your valuable investment.

2. SIMPSON MSH3125 Megashot Gas Pressure Washer

SIMPSON MSH3125-S 3100 PSI 2.5 GPM Gas Pressure Washer

This Company uses the engines made by the world-famous Company Honda. In this machine, they used Honda GC190 engine that is durable and quite powerful. Its power comes under commercial pressure washer class. With this device, you can easily clean the most tough filth from your home.


  • You will get a very powerful engine that will provide 3200 PSI water pressure and 2.5 GPM water flow.
  • There is a large fuel tank that weighs 1.9 quarts.
  • For your different kind of cleaning, there are five different nozzle tips.
  • The device has a convenient size and weight that makes its movement easy.
  • There is a warranty that varies from 1 year to 5 years for different components.


  • You will not get a detergent tank with the device.
  • Some users had complained that some parts were missing when they got the delivery. So you should check when you get your delivery.

There are not many bad sides of this device, and the users are quite satisfied after using the device. The price of this power washer is also within your budget so that you don’t have to worry much. The facilities you will get are much more than the amount you will pay for it. The device will last for many years and will give you a consistent performance.

3. Simpson MS60763 Megashot

SIMPSON Cleaning MS60763S 3000 PSI 2.4 GPM Gas Pressure Washer

This is another well-known pressure washer brand that you can easily depend on. Making machines is not easy and producing better quality machines is more complicated. This machine will provide you high pressure, better water flow, durability, better performance, all together. You can consider this machine to be one of your best choices.


  • The machine generates 3100 PSI water force with 2.4 flow
  • It has Kohler RH265 OHV engine for better performance
  • It has better safety features for your protection
  • Its maintenance is quite hassled free
  • You will get 5 different nozzle tips for various use
  • Its high-pressure hose is kink and abrasion-resistant
  • There is 2 years limited warranty.


  • Its engine is a little hard to start though it has a sturdy frame
  • The position of the garden hose point is a bit awkward.

Don’t overthink about any other machine; choose this one for better performance. It is quite strong and durable, which is necessary for most of the people. Your hard-earned investment is secured with your purchase of this machine.

4. WEN PW31

wen pressure washer review

If you are looking for a powerful gas-powered pressure washer, you have come to the right place. This is another gas-powered engine that provides 3100 PSI water force which is perfectly enough for your residential use. Without thinking much, you can easily depend on its other components. They are smart, convenient, and durable.


  • The machine generates 3100 PSI water force, and it’s a lot
  • It has the 208cc 4-stroke OHV gas-powered engine for better performance
  • Its axial cam pump provides reliable water spray
  • It has a long spray gun with quick connect spray nozzles
  • There is 30 feet high-pressure hose and its proper storage
  • Its 12 inches wheels provide better maneuverability
  • Rust resistance metal is used for more longevity
  • You will get two years warranty


  • Some say that its wheels are week and shake when moving
  • The gas smell is found by some of the users though others didn’t experience it.

This is one of the best gas-powered pressure washer that are cheap compared to most of the devices. It also provides all the facilities, and it is quite durable.

5. Generac SpeedWash 7122

generac speedwash 7122

Generac is a well-known name in the world of the pressure washer. Their machine’s quality is unquestionable and trustworthy. This machine is one of the great products that can be used for heavy-duty cleanings easily. The combination of its water flow and force is perfectly matched that gives a better cleanup.


  • You will get 3200 PSI water pressure which is quite enough
  • It has a 196cc gas-powered engine for better performance
  • There is a power dial along with ergonomic spray gun
  • It also has 30 feet long HP hose, and 4 quick connect nozzles
  • It provides 50% faster clean than regular gas pressure washers
  • The machine is only 62 pounds which can be moved easily
  • The Company offers 3 years of warranty on different parts


  • The device needs careful handling otherwise it might hurt
  • Some say the machine doesn’t last for long, but many disagree with it.

Buying a pressure washer machine is difficult if you are not convinced entirely. So know all about the machine that you are going to buy. Generac SpeedWash can be one of your best options.

6. PowerBoss 3100 PSI Pressure Washer

powerboss pressure washer 3100

This is a medium-duty gas-powered machine which is manufactured by PowerBoss. While working if you fall short of water pressure to clean your tough dirt or to remove your old paint you won’t feel good. That is why it’s better to go for a high power machine and here is one of your best options.


  • 3100 PSI is its water pressure, and it also has 2.7 GPM water flow
  • It has Honda GC190 Engine for smooth running without the hassle
  • You will get a 25’high-pressure hose, and 4 quick connect nozzle
  • There is a detergent tank as well for comfortable soap application
  • It has maintenance-free axial cam pump
  • Accessible start technology is used for simple use
  • You will get 12 months of warranty to secure your investment.


  • Some users have faced with some power loss problem, but the rest found it good
  • Some users had a problem with gasoline leakage.

Not many machines provide a detergent tank along with all the excellent facilities. Working with this machine will be a great experience. If you are convinced by its good qualities and want to take a chance, you can depend on it.

7. Generac 6922

Generac 6922 2800 PSI 2.4 GPM Pressure Washer

Among many gas pressure washers available in the market this can be another best choice for you. The power is pretty high, and the water flow is excellent. To clean your vehicle, sidewalls, or to clean your house, this machine is perfect. This device can make your house look new that will increase the value of your house. The features are also excellent for a gas pressure washer.


  • The engine generates 2800 PSI water pressure, and the pump serves 2.4 GPM water flow.
  • There is a convenient detergent tank that comes with the device.
  • The spray gun is very comfortable to hold that is necessary for a good wash.
  • The weight and the size make the device a compact one, and it takes less space in your garage.
  • There are two years of warranty to help you stay relaxed.


  • The device might be a little louder that might cause a complaint from your neighbor.
  • According to some, the plastic material might wear off if you use it daily.

This machine will give you relax and free time, and it will save a lot of the money that you might have spent on cleaning. Like a true friend, it will always stay with you and help you in your cleaning business. Without any hesitation, you can depend on this machine. 

Why Should You Think About Gas Power Washer

There are many different types of pressure washers available in the market. Some of them use electricity to get power, and some of them use gasoline. With an electric pressure washer, you cannot clean the old stain of oil or grease on your pavement or wall. You will need higher water force that a gas run pressure washer can provide you.

As you know, all the machines need to be handled with care as they have the capacity to harm you. It is the same case with gas pressure washer also. At first, you must find out your needs or the qualities of your filth. Then you learn about both gas pressure washer and electric pressure washer. And finally, decide which one is best suitable for you.

There are many companies who make gas pressure washer, but not all of them are good. You can find good manufacturers by reading their reviews and the history of the Company.

There are many models as well to confuse you. You should look closely at their specification and read reviews of them. After that, you should decide which one to buy. On our website, we found out the best gas run pressure washers and tried to give you a good idea about them. You can easily buy from amazon if you like the devices.

Merits of Gas Pressure Washer

When we think about much water pressure gas pressure washer comes in our mind. In general, gas run power washers are comparatively powerful than electric power washers. With an electric pressure washer, you cannot do many things if there are heavy-duty cleanings to do.

Suppose you want to remove your old paint from a surface and put new paint. You will need immense power to remove the old paint that gas pressure washer can easily provide you. If you have a two or three-storied building and you want to clean the outside of your top floor, you will need a gas pressure washer.

To carry your pressure washer can be another benefit for gas pressure washer as it doesn’t have some extra components such as power cord. It will give you the advantage if you want to clean something away from your house.

Suppose you want to clean your car or boat that you keep a little far from your house and there is no electricity. In this case, you don’t have to worry if you have a gas pressure washer. You can take the oil tank with you, and it will give you the power to run the engine.

A gas run pressure washer is more powerful than an electric pressure washer. Here the manufacturers mostly use metal in the device such as the frame, the engine, etc.

An electric pressure washer, they use plastic to decorate it nicely and make the priceless. The durability of this machine is better than the others. There are many more benefits to using a gas pressure washer.

Demerits of Gas Pressure Washer

As we mentioned earlier, each and every device has some disadvantages. In terms of a gas run pressure washer, there are some disadvantages as well. This kind of machine produces much noise that can be annoying and might disturb your neighbor. The products are comparatively heavier than electric power washers. So you might have to put more effort to carry or move the machine.

The power is not always good. If you cannot handle the power properly, it might cause you injury. A pressure washer has the capacity to cut your flesh if there is extensive water pressure. The power has the capacity to harm your products that have soft surfaces. For instance, the powerful water pressure can damage the paint on your car.

You might find some other disadvantages as well. So you have to decide your working sphere and decide what kind of pressure washer will be more useful for you. Find your need, see the features, and consider the demerits and choose the best pressure washing machine for you.

Best Things You Should Consider Before Buying a Gas Power Washer

There are two ways to buy a pressure washer; one is to go to a shop, talk to the in-charge, get an idea, and buy one product. The other is to read the different gas pressure washer reviews and specifications and buy from an e-commerce site and get it delivered to your home. We prefer the later method as it is more time saving and more convenient. The points that you should keep in your mind before you buy:

1. PSI

This is the measurement unit to measure the water pressure. By seeing this measurement, you will get the idea of how much water pressure this device can provide you. You will be able to decide if this water pressure will work for your purpose.

2. GPM

This is the measurement unit to measure the supply of water by the pump of the device. To clean uninterruptedly, you will need a good supply of water flow; otherwise, it might interrupt in your cleaning.

3. Hot & Cold Water

There are some devices that allow you to use hot water, and for others, you have to use cold water. With hot water devices, it will be easy to clean the tough oil or grease stains.

4. The Engine

The engine is the main part of your device. You must see the quality of the engine that a gas pressure washer has. In this case, you should go with the reputed companies or reputed manufacturers.[/su_list]

At first, you must make up your mind that you are going to buy the gas pressure washer, not the electric one. Then you read reviews and comments on different products. On our website, you will get the best gas pressure washer lists that will help you in this case. And finally, when you selected the product, you place the order. The product will reach your home within a short period of time.

How to Set up a Gas Powered Pressure Washer

Setting up of most of the pressure washers is the same apart from the power supply connections. Today we’ll give you an overview of how to set up a gas-powered pressure washer though it might vary a little for different machines.

1. Unbox your Machine

Since you are reading this article, we can assume that you are a new user to the gas-powered device and recently bought a pressure washer. That’s why you need to unbox your newly purchased machine. We’ll suggest you not to totally destroy the box while opening it as it’ll help you in your future storage or you might need it if you want to return. Take out all its components carefully and don’t lose anything because all of them are important. You might find a manual or instruction guide inside, which will tell you how to connect its parts.

2. Connect its Parts

You will find that there are different parts such as HP hose, garden hose, nozzles, spray gun, etc. to make it a complete working machine. Now we’ll know the connections. First, you will connect one side of the HP hose to the pump’s outlet and the other side to the spray gun. Connecting them is easy, and you will easily be able to find it out.

Next, connect one end of the garden hose to the inlet of your pump and the other end to a regular faucet. Select a spray nozzle from the given set and connect it to the top end of your spray wand.

After you complete all the connections, now it’s time to fill up its fuel tank. Put a funnel on the opening of your fuel tank to avoid spilling. Slowly pour the fuel the oil from your container and fill the tank. It’s recommended to fill 80% of the tank and keep 20% empty.

Now you are ready to start your machine and begin your work.

What Type of Gas Does a Pressure Washer Use?

Every machine is unique and requires a different quality or type of gas. Some need regular gasoline, where the other needs a two-cycle mix. Few of the machines use a mixture of gasoline and oil. To know the type of fuel your device needs, you must carefully go through its user manual. A wrong type of fuel will not only damage your engine; it might also bring a hazard.

Generally, gasoline up to 10% of ethanol is acceptable since it attracts moisture and creates a problem. You can also go for a canned fuel product, which is ethanol-free unleaded gasoline to stabilize and prolong fuel life.

Electric vs. Gas Power Washer

A pressure washer can be categorized into two parts based on its power supply, electric, and gas. It might make you confused to decide what type of machine is appropriate for you. The below description will clear all your confusion and help you determine your best option. The differences between electric and gas-powered device are given below:

Power Supply: It is clear by their name that an electronic machine uses electricity to run, which is available at your home. The gas machine uses gasoline to run, and you need to fill up its tank with fuel before using it.

Water Pressure: Generally, gas pressure washers are more powerful and provide higher PSI, whereas electric devices provide less PSI. So if you need higher water pressure, you should go for a gas one.

Noise Production: Like other machines, a pressure washer also makes noise. An electric device produces less noise than a gas machine. For noise-less operation, you should select an electric machine.

Weight: Gas machines are comparatively heavier than their counterparts. With all the machines, you will get a frame with two wheels for better maneuverability. Whatever machine you buy, you should think about its carriage as well.

Price: If you have less budget, you cannot buy a gas pressure washer as they are more expensive than the electric machines. Considering the above differences, you can decide what machine will be best for you.

FAQ About the Powerful Gas Pressure Washer

1. Are gas pressure washers better than electric?

A machine becomes better for you if it serves your purpose perfectly without making any trouble. In terms of a pressure washer, both types are right in their own ways. If you want to use the device only for your residential cleaning and light-duty work electric pressure washer is better for you. If you have heavy-duty work and your workplace is a little away from where you might find difficulty arranging electric supply, a gas pressure washer is better for you.

2. Can you use regular gas in a pressure washer?

Based on the type of your gas pressure washer, you have to put different gasoline. Some machines need regular gasoline, whereas others use a mixture of gasoline and oil. In some power washers, you can use both regular gasoline and the mixture. While purchasing your device, you must either read its user manual carefully or ask your seller to learn the exact type of gasoline required.

3. How long do gas pressure washers last?

Gas pressure washers generally last for 300 hours to 3000 hours, depending on its quality and your love towards them. Here, love means how carefully you use it and how much time you spend on its maintenance. In the beginning, a machine recognizes its user and responds accordingly throughout its lifetime. Any negligence will lead it towards destruction, and it’s always advisable to use a device with as carefully as possible.

4. Do gas pressure washers need oil?

For running as fuel, gas pressure washers need gasoline on a regular basis. Apart from this gasoline it also needs engine and pumps oil which needs to be changed from time to time. When you use this type of machine, its pistons move inside, making the engine hot because of friction. To cool down the engine and to make the friction smooth, they need oil, which requires a change when it becomes thin. There are multiple engines and pump lubricants available in the market.

5. What kind of gas do you use in a power washer?

A pressure washer will run perfectly if you put the appropriate gas that is recommended in it. Generally, most of the gas power washers use unleaded gasoline that has a minimum of 87 octanes. You can use gasoline with a maximum of 10 percent ethanol but try to avoid any unapproved gasoline, for example, E85. If you are working at a high altitude, you can use gasoline with up to 15 percent MTBE (Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether).

6. How do you get old gas out of a pressure washer?

The best way to get old gas out from a pressure washer is by using a hand siphon. When you haven’t used your machine for a long time, and it contained gasoline, its workability no more remains the same. In this condition, it would not be suitable for the engine if you run the machine. You must remove the old gasoline and put new for the betterment of your device. Before you take out the old gas, don’t forget to keep the device on a flat surface and remove its spark plug to avoid any unwanted accidents.


In this website, we heartily tried to help you buy a good quality pressure washer. We tried to understand the general problems and questions of the buyers when they go to buy a pressure washer. Our team tried to answer all the questions that come to the buyer’s mind before they make the purchase. However, We believe that your money is pretty valuable and you should not waste them on buying a bad product.

Our intention is to give you an idea or make you learn about pressure washer and find the best pressure washer among many. We strongly believe that the given information will be beneficial for you if you want to buy a pressure washer. We selected some top products to reduce your work. There are the links that will help you to go directly to amazon’s page and place your order.

If you have any kind of issues regarding gas powered pressure washer or want to add a comment, please feel free to add in the comment section, and Pressure washer club expert team will be back as soon as possible.

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