How much does Commercial Pressure Washing Cost?

how much does commercial pressure washing cost

Finding an option to clean an area is not a hallucination nowadays. With the grace of technology, we can find multiple solutions to clean an area from where we choose one. Pressure washing is one of the best options available to deal with tough dirt, stain, paint, etc. Along with different cleaning, options come different …

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How Many PSI is Considered a Commercial Pressure Washer?

how many psi is considered a commercial pressure washer

Choosing between a residential pressure washer and a commercial pressure washer sometimes becomes hard for a new user. The difference between these two types need to be understood before you go and make your purchase. Else you might end up buying a residential machine when you go to buy a commercial one. To be a …

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Why is my Surface Cleaner not Spinning – Let’s Learn How to Fix It!

why is my surface cleaner not spinning

A pressure washer surface cleaner might stop spinning for multiple reasons such as clogged sealant, overheat, trapped dirt, worn-out swivels, etc. You will get rid of your problem if you ask a question; why is my surface cleaner not spinning? Instead of going to the seller right away, you faced this problem, try to understand …

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Do I Need a Pump between My Tank and Pressure Washer?

do i need a pump between my tank and pressure washer

Having a pump between a tank and a pressure washer is not always recommended unless it’s severely necessary, and it’s important to keep an extra reservoir close to the pump. It’s really important to know do I need a pump between my tank and pressure washer. Is it really necessary for uninterrupted work, or we …

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How do You Drain Water from a Pressure Washer Pump

How do You Drain a Pressure Washer Pump

Before winterizing a pressure washer, you need to drain water from its pump, which is an easy process that requires nothing but your power washing machine only. Why do we need to drain water from a pressure washer pump? If you also have the same kind of question, you must go through the entire article. …

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How to Drain Gas from Pressure Washer – 8 Easy Steps!

generac 6595

We often need to drain gas from a pressure washer which can be very easy and fast if you have the proper knowledge to do it, and here we are to help you. By using the siphon suction system, you can drain gas from pressure washer easily. The siphon system has two tubes which connect …

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Can I Use Synthetic Oil in My Pressure Washer?

pressure washer synthetic oil

If the question comes to your mind that can I use synthetic oil in my pressure washer. Read the entire article to get the full idea on pressure washer oil! Yes! You can use synthetic oil in a pressure washer undoubtedly but it depends on the pump category, and brand to brand. Not all the …

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Will Pressure Washer Remove Oil From Concrete

how much psi do i need to clean concrete

Being too sticky, oil and grease-like substances don’t come off easily from concrete which can be solved by a pressure washing machine that forces any dirt to remove from any surface. Will pressure washer remove oil from concrete without applying much effort? As non-technical people, we always have many questions in our minds, and they …

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