How to Fix Pressure Washer Soap Injector? (7 Tips to Fix)

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Learn more all about your soap injector, its problems, and their solutions to deal how to fix pressure washer soap injector with 7 tips to fix.

If you have a pressure washer, you must be having a soap injector with it for siphoning detergent and apply it on a surface to clean. Cleaning your car, boat, fence, etc., you always want to apply soap or detergent to make it shiny after cleaning.

We often see our pressure washer soap injector not working properly or not working at all. This happens when your machine becomes old, and the parts inside the injector are worn out. In some cases, the users find this problem in their brand new machines.

What is Pressure Washer Soap Injector?

A soap injector is a part of your pressure washer that allows soap or detergent solution to flow from the bucket or tank through a pipe to its HP hose. The soap mixes with the water and ultimately flows through the spray gun onto the surface that you want to clean. Soap injector is generally placed at the pump’s water outlet connection through which the water comes out with great force.

how to fix pressure washer soap injector

What does a Soap Injector Consist of?

A soap injector is a small metallic component where there are three openings, water input, water output, and soap input. If you look closely, you will see that there is an arrow indicator curved on it, which shows the water flow direction. If you put it in the wrong direction, the water will not flow or draw soap.

Inside the soap inlet opening, there are a metal ball, conical spring, and a rubber ring. Over a long period of time, they get stuck or don’t function properly when you need to replace these small parts or replace the entire injector.

Through a garden hose, it draws the liquid detergent solution from the storage. Another important part is the soap applicator nozzle, which is attached to the spray gun’s tip before applying soap.

What Kind of Problems We Face With Soap Injector?

You might have to deal with quite of few problems related to your soap injector. Though each problem is identical, we will talk about a few common problems that most users find while using soap injectors.

The metal ball inside the soap injector sometimes gets stuck and prevents the soap from getting inside the hose. In some cases, the spring becomes old or breaks down, or the rubber ring becomes too sticky. All these cases will prevent the soap from flowing into your HP hose.

If the water pressure is high, the soap will not get a chance to get into the water hose and will not work. That is why a soap applicator nozzle is recommended when you apply soap.

Sometimes the soap injector is attached in the wrong position, which will prevent the water from flowing through the injector. The curved arrow shows the water flow direction, and you have to attach it accordingly.

How to Fix Pressure Washer Soap Injector – Easy Steps

You might need to fix your soap injector by replacing the spring and ball inside it after a long period of time when you see it’s not working properly. To do so, you will have to follow these steps.

1. First, open the soap injector from your pressure washer using a wrench and keep it on the table.

2. Open the soap input screw by following the same process; inside, you will see a conical spring.

3. Next, you take out that conical spring and take out the metal ball from inside. After that, using a metal stick, take out the rubber ring as well. You have to replace the ball and the ring.

4. Take the new ball and the ring out from its packet.

5. Put some grease on the ring and ball so that the ball doesn’t get stuck on the ring again.

6. Put the ring first inside your injector, and next put the ball and the spring. Make sure that you place the narrow end of your spring that touches the ball.

7. Place soap input screw over the spring and tighten it properly.

Your soap inject is ready to use again. Now attach it with your pressure washer following the water flow direction.


When you don’t apply soap using the soap injector for a long time, it tends to stop working. At this point, you have to check it, find its problems and solutions. Multiple problems and their solutions related to soap injectors are discussed above. I hope it will help you in your daily cleaning with a pressure washer.

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