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Alfred Karcher was one of the great inventors and entrepreneurs who founded the company in 1935. In the beginning, the company developed the heating technology and brought them to the market. Later in 1950 they made the first European hot water pressure washer (DS 350 Steam Blaster). Till today others use the technology to serve the basis for all of the burners. In 2012, 57 countries represented Karcher with its own subsidiaries. They make cute and good looking electric pressure washers. It is Karcher who make the only four-wheeled pressure washer. Their machines are pretty durable and are very good for residential use.


 Some of their best and famous power washers are:

The company has a long experience in making electric pressure washers. The technicians understand the need of the modern people and make their device accordingly. Starting from TSS (Total Stop System) to all the modern technologies, their devices have all. The quality checkers have certified their products as environment-friendly and user-friendly. The prices of their products also are within the range of common people. The company tries their products to be reached to all the users and all the countries. For your required query, the address of Karcher is Alfred Karcher Vertriebs-GmbH, Friedrich-List-Strabe 4, D-71364 Winnenden; Tel: 071959030, Fax: 071959032805.