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Simpson Cleaning

simpson cleaningJack Simpson is the founder of the company who started making pressure washers in the early 1960’s. Later in 2006, the company is sold to FNA Group. This company has been making pressure washers for more than 50 years and has mastered in developing their products. They mostly make the gas run pressure washers which are in general pretty powerful. They make their product mainly for the purpose of removing paints, cleaning filth and dirt from almost all the surfaces. In their products, they usually put the engines made by the world famous company Honda. For this reason, their products are strong, durable and powerful. Some of their best pressure washers are:

The company is actually pretty famous for making gas pressure washer. People who want a powerful engine and extreme water pressure they usually tend to go for Simpson products. The reviews given by the pressure washer users about Simpson are very good. The company makes not only residential power washers but also the commercial pressure washers. There is no doubt in the power and durability of Simpson’s pressure washers. They have been doing business for many years and understand the consumers’ needs. If you want to talk to them, the address is 7152, 99th Street, Pleasant Prairie, WI 53158, P: 847.348.1500, F: 847.882.7229.