Snow Joe

Sun Joe is a division of the Company Snow Joe that has started its journey in 2004. Their motto was to help the consumers get equipped with the right tool. They launched a new division Sun Joe in 2009 to present the new types of devices related to irrigation and cleaning. After Sun Joe was launched they started making power washers. Slowly they started growing bigger and made a firm stand in pressure washer world. Sun Joe makes only electric pressure washer and people are fond of their pressure washers. Starting from a low powered power washer to a high powered pressure washer all they make with their efficient workers.

snow joe

The company has a team of expert engineers who are trying to improve the quality of power washer continuously. The pressure washers of this company have certain modern features such as Total Stop System (TSS), power cord with GFCI protection, lightweight, etc. The products of this company are not really very expensive and the users can afford them easily. Beside pressure washer, Sun Joe also makes many other products that are related to agriculture and small household tools. You can contact them over the phone and their number is 1-866-766-9563. You can also email them and get a reply soon.