Top 5 Cleaning Tools That Make Your House Shiny!

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Your home is your haven; a great place that you cool off after a hard day’s job. That’s why it is important that you keep it really clean. Here are the Top 5 Cleaning Tools That Make Your House Shiny in the simplest way possible.

best cleaning tools

Pressure Washer

A pressure washer is a simple home cleaning tool that allows you to wash off dirt on wooden surfaces including decks, house sidings, stairs, and gazebos. Better still, you can use it on wooden outdoor furniture and also concrete surfaces.

Pressure washer comes in two different types. A low-pressure nozzle tip washer and a high-pressure nozzle tips washer. Depending on the pressure, the water jet that comes out of a pressure washer will be able to leave your home clean.

best power washers

A good example is a pressure washing a concrete surface. Here is a simple guide to getting a good concrete surface done with a pressure washer any day.

Often the best PSI for cleaning different surfaces will differ depending on the surface. However, the right pressure level can sometimes depend on your need. A pressure washer with a power rating of 3000 PSI or above can easily break down stubborn dirt from a concrete surface and will use fewer gallons of water.

Additionally, here is what you should know; such a machine will also work better if you wanted to peel off any paints. However, for general home cleaning a machine of about 1200 PSI will do a great job in leaving your home shiny.


Vacuum Cleaner

Another great cleaning tool that will leave your home spotlessly cleans in the vacuum cleaner. It is a simple gadget that will suck off dust and debris from your floor to leave it extremely clean. Some of the best vacuum cleaners are automated and can be easily programmed and left to clean.

There are other options that are manually used such as handheld vacuum cleaner among other options. To keep your home really clean, it is advisable that you use a vacuum cleaner at least once a week. However, the more the traffic in your area, the more you need to vacuum clean too.

best vacuum cleaner

A vacuum cleaner comes with an attached bag and cleaning chambers that can be easily detached and emptied. This is amazingly essential if you intend to keep your vacuum cleaner from smelling.

If you want to have great results from your vacuum cleaning, here is what you should always keep doing.

There are also a number of vacuum cleaner cars and maintenance tips that you should always follow to make sure that your cleaner lasts longer.


Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Toilet bowl cleaners are cleaning options used to keep the toilet clean and free from germs. They are also good at killing unwanted bacteria that can easily cause diseases in your loved ones. Toilet bowl cleaners are often bought over the counter.

best Toilet Bowl Cleaner

They come in form of gels, tablets, and solutions. Some are automatic but the time a toilet cleaner will last depends on how well you would use it. Even so, they are a DIY option that you can easily use to clean wet surfaces and under the rim.


Swiffer Wet Jet

A Swiffer Wet Jet is a home cleaning tool that uses a Swiffer Jet solution and a power mop to leave your house shiny. It is a one power mop that is safe to use and has a fast drying formula usually derived from its solution.

A Swiffer Wet Jet is very safe for use in various types of surfaces. It is good for finished hardwood surfaces especially when you use the wet cloth. However, wet refills are not recommended for use on a number of surfaces including unfinished, waxed, or oiled floors too.

best Swiffer Wet Jet

In case the Swiffer Wet Jet runs out of its cleaning solution, it can always be refilled. Here is how you can go about doing it.


Sprayway Glass Cleaner

Unlike all the other home cleaning options that we have seen which essentially deal on floors, the Sprayway Glass Cleaner is your best window cleaner. The cleaner comes in the type of cleaning foam.

The foam usually pulls contaminants up into bubbles that eventually allow you to clean your glasses up easily. Because the foam is usually less wet than a solution or liquid cleaner, streaks can never be left on your window panes easily.

best Sprayway Glass Cleaner

It is advisable that when cleaning with a Sprayway Glass Cleaner you work with a microfiber cloth to ensure a shiny finish. Usually, the Sprayway Glass Cleaner contains no ammonia. Just remember to always clean using a dry paper towel, clean microfiber cloth (lint-free cloth) to shine glass surfaces.



Your home should be spotlessly clean. This will keep your loved ones safe and free from any forms of health hazards that could arise. Cleaning your home gives you that. However, it needs the right options such as these.

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